At this stage,  this page is just a collection log of MoeCoin development expense.

Developers wage:

June-5/2018 6ETH to 8 developers.

Web Desgin 1/2 -5000RMB



-$9500 for starting foundation in Singapore (MoeCoin Foundation LTD.). paid to satori in June-12-2018

-$20,000 for audit/tax/financial and related things. Paid to satori in Aug-4-2018

(17ETH exchanged for $10208.5 @600.5, June-8 / 2018)


(21ETH exchanged for $9849 @469, June-13/2018)

(54ETH exchanged for$26332.02  @487.63, June-13/2018)

(100ETH exchanged for$45000 @450.00 June-25/2018)


Total Cost number not yet known:

Amazon AWS (depends on useage)

JIRA (Jira & Confluence) (depends on useage)

Mail service: Office 365 Business Premium ($12.5*members number/month)

SwaggerHub ($75*members number/month)

Github private repo  ($9 per user / month)

Every Month:

Web Server: $10

Patreon: $7×2 -$29/month


One Time:

Whitepaper Japanese Ver translation 932.1 RMB

Business credit card for high credit line payment. -$450

JIRA -$25 (due to a mistake that using credit card charge foreign transaction fee. is an Australia company, not in US.)

WeChat open platform, company verification. -300RMB

ink cartridge(C M Y) -$25.49

Alipay business account verification -9.1RMB (5 RMB as transfer fee)

Domain -$65.43

zhaomushuju jiangsu-zhuji -100RMB

beian -165RMB(Background curtain etc…) -39RMB (document printing mailing) -18RMB beian  -39RMB (document printing mailing)

groundhog Logo -3000RMB

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