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As far as WE(MoeCoin, Inc.) know, there were 3 different “moecoin” ever exist.

【MoeCoin】/【萌币】 by MoeCoin, Inc. 

【MoeCoin】/【萌币】project is founded by baskice (The founder of Moegirlpedia™ https://zh.moegirl.org), in March 2018. The project aims to promote the international distribution and copyright protection of animate/doujin creation. This project is operated by MoeCoin, Inc.

The official website of MoeCoin is https://moecoin.one/index.html

This is the real MoeCoin website that you are visiting.

We (MoeCoin, Inc.) , up to now (June-3 / 2018), never used any other non-associated organization name. Nor announced any partnership with any animation/doujin group.


(MOECOIN)by creator shiisan【しーさん】

To our knowledge, the earliest MOECOIN ever created was this one by creator shiisan【しーさん】.

「萌え」がお金に? 「萌えコイン」紹介! https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=56371995

It was published in 2016 on Pivix. (MOECOIN) had some trading record in exchange xcpdex, in April 2016.


We believe it’s a dead project as of today(June-3 / 2018).


「MOE COIN」by “Beijing Team”

According to the twitter message replied from IOEA Official(メニュー ) to us , it seems that in later 2017, a team from Beijing have published a whitepaper book about 「MOE COIN」. In that whitepaper, both IOEA representative Kazuyuki Sato(佐藤一毅) and Seikaisha(星海社) representative director vice president Katsushi Ota(太田 克史) were list as collaborators. 

Evidently, none of them have any relationship with that 「MOE COIN」by “Beijing Team”.

Both IOEA and Seikaisha refute this rumor immediately.

中国で計画中の仮想通貨事業『MOE COIN』資料内で勝手に協力者として名前が使われてしまった方々からの無関係表明 https://togetter.com/li/1207970

A virtual currency scheme dubbed “MOE COIN” is being developed inChina. Documents related to it refer to IOEA Rep….

Posted by The International Otaku Expo Association – IOEA on Monday, March 12, 2018



The creator shiisan of (MOECOIN), also clarified that he was not associated with the 「MOE COIN」by “Beijing Team”.


As we know, 「MOE COIN」were abandoned immediately after IOEA and Seikaisha clarified that they were not involved, and it’s fake.

The same “Beijing” team made another 「ACG Chain」 in early 2018.


This 「ACG Chain」 soon been reported to misappropriate other famous anime/comic/game and doujin organization/company name (Such as Acfun, Baozou manga, and Pixiv.) on their whitepaper book.

After re-exposure of counterfeit problem, the team removed their whitepaper from internet.

Nijigen (anime culture community) , does not welcome counterfeit partners project ACG Chain. (News in Chinese)

(二次元的区块链,不欢迎伪造合作方的ACG Chain) http://new.qq.com/omn/20180530/20180530A1JW3R.html




MoeCoin, Inc. 的【MoeCoin】/【萌币】

【MoeCoin】/【萌币】是由前萌娘百科https://zh.moegirl.org)创始人baskice,于2018年3月发起的,旨在促进动漫、同人作品国际分发和版权保护的项目。该项目由MoeCoin, Inc. 运营。

MoeCoin 的中文官方网站是 https://moecoin.one/index-zh.html


我们(MoeCoin, Inc.)截至目前(2018年6月3日)从未用过使用过任何其他非关联团体名号。也未宣布过与任何动漫领域团体达成合作关系。




「萌え」がお金に? 「萌えコイン」紹介! https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=56371995




“北京团队”的「MOE COIN」

根据メニュー IOEA Official 给我们的twitter回复,似乎在2017年末,一个位于北京的团队发表了一篇关于预备中的「MOE COIN」的白皮书。这篇白皮书中,盗用了IOEA代表佐藤一毅 以及 星海社副社长太田克史 等人的名号。

中国で計画中の仮想通貨事業『MOE COIN』資料内で勝手に協力者として名前が使われてしまった方々からの無関係表明 https://togetter.com/li/1207970





据我们所知,这个「MOE COIN」没有后续进展,而该团队又继续制作了「ACG Chain」


而这个「ACG Chain」的白皮书又再次谎称获得 Pixiv、Acfun(中国)、暴走漫画(中国) 等多个知名动漫领域知名网站的支持。



二次元的区块链,不欢迎伪造合作方的ACG Chain http://new.qq.com/omn/20180530/20180530A1JW3R.html


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