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Decentralized Anime Comic Game DouJin Creation Protection and Trading Community

White paper

Goal of MoeCoin

The goal of MoeCoin is to establish a universal, Japan anime fan community for Doujin and small creators. The community will be subscription based, supplemented with copyright trading platform and trend forecasting system. MoeCoin will achieve the circular of creation forecast, copyright trading, and fan consumption economy.
Cornerstone phase finished.

500 ETH
SoftCap reached May/26
HardCap 500ETH reached June/2
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Keep it simple

Upload creation, Fan subscription, No more obstruction!


Continue working = Stable income

Global sales

Sale your creation on MoeCoin net with auto-translation, and get unified payment in Moecoin. Avoid the trouble of currency exchange.

Authentic Rights on Blockchain

Simplify copyright protection processes in different regions, by sign your creation on MoeCoin Blockchain to prove your ownership.

Encryption protection

Through our unique encrypted watermarking technology of the MoeCoin Blockchain, it is ensured that each distributed creation has a unique digital signature with traceability. Find out pirates among subscriber easily and confiscate deopsit.

MoeCoin distribution

MoeCoin has finished the pre-sale Cornerstone phase.

Distribution ratio

● Total 6,000,000,000.
MoeCoin, Inc. HODL 1,000,000,000

● Circulation 5,000,000,000

• Cornerstone Supporters 10%
• AirDrop 10%
• Public Coin Offering 30%
• Developer Incentive 10%
• Community developing 20%
• System maintenance(Mining) 20%
* Ratio may be subject to change.

Distribution Pie Chart


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Founder of Moegirlpedia, ten years of Anime related market experience. Blockchain evangelist. Growth hacker. Lifelong learner. In-depth research and unique insights into blockchain, distributed computing, community operations, biological evolution, and development of open source projects. Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Illinois.



DPhil. candidate at the University of Oxford. Blockchain & ACG lover. Built a cloud-based cryptocurrency algorithmic trading platform since 2014. Also experienced in deep learning and distributed systems.



Genius anime related project developer, Unit community document translator. Blockchain developers. Loveliver, Otonokizaka Academy.



Since 2013, he began to pay attention to Bitcoin and related technologies. He has conducted in-depth research on blockchain technology and is currently focusing on the research and development of enterprise-level digital currency wallets and blockchains.



Senior blockchain engineer. He is interested in logic and strategic research. He has extensive Internet experience and profound technical insights. He was responsible for cloud architecture design and product development at the famous artificial intelligence company.